What is GLT?

GLT is a digital equity certificate based on a specific belief activity, such as a Christian Bible, a Christian cross, a bottle of Christian holy water, a Catholic communion, a Buddhist card, a pillar of Buddha, a Buddhist ritual, and a The Islamic Qur'an, etc., of course, GLT does not stop at the belief in orthodox religions. A "Golden believer" can also use GLT to quantify, exchange and store to the "belief" of Amani, Gucci and LV.

GLT Rights

Token, as a circulated encrypted digital rights proof, will become an essential element in the future digital economy era. As a pioneer of belief assets, GLT strives to provide asset owners with a fair and reliable infrastructure.

Right Description
Income Distribution GLT holders receive GLT Foundation's top dividends at a fixed rate, with a 70% allocation to GLT holders and 30% for GLT Foundation reinvestment and operations.
Participate in decision making The GLT Foundation community, through the launch of smart contract voting, allows GLT holders to participate in major business decisions.
Election and supervision The GLT Foundation's directors are regularly renewed, GLT holders can participate in the election of the board of directors, and the transparency of the platform and the due diligence of the board of directors can be supervised.


As a voucher for spiritual belief activities, GLT needs a series of supported professional institutions and application scenarios as the asset carrier of digital vouchers. Although we pursue decentralized design ideas, we cannot completely de-intermediate, so we are at GLT. The following basic institutions are defined in the ecosystem:

GLT fund

As a specialized commissioned issuer of GLT, the Foundation provides the most basic support and services for the entire ecosystem in a non-profit manner, ensuring: 1. Guarantee the supply and recycling of GLT according to the development of the ecosystem; 2. Certification and Eliminate suitable market makers to provide liquidity support to the market; 3. Qualify GLT application providers to assist GLT application providers to build GLT landing application scenarios.

GLT Market Makers

As a basic liquidity provider for GLT, market makers provide quotations for the market to sell and buy GLT, and guarantee supply, certified market makers will replace foundations to exchange various exchanges, in over-the-counter markets and exchanges. The market provides customers with regular trading counterparties and maintains a fair GLT price. As a fully commercialized institution, market makers aim at profitability, serve the value of investors, maximize profits in market-making activities, and actively face natural market choices.GLT fund has certified a market maker, Good Luck Buffer Funding Company(GBF), as the first market maker to provide liquidity management for the market.

GLT Applicants

Applicants generally have entities or individuals of a nature of business nature. These institutions or individuals provide exclusive value with GLT, and because of the limitations of legal currency and other digital assets, they are recognized and adopted as believers and applicators of the value of GLT. GLT as a medium to exchange its exclusive value, and actively build a GLT landing application scenario. Including and not limited to the following application scenarios:

GLTapps GLTapplication scenario Case Username
Event donation Donation and giving of faith activities Welcome Buddha, religious donation @mdo
Commodity payment Discount on merchandise consumption Shopping discount coupon @fat
Labor and Social Security Labor security distribution of temporary service personnel Tips @twitter
Employee benefits Employee benefits Welfare distribution activity @fat
Consumption points Credit activity activities Beauty card points, lottery points @twitter