About us

about us

We are a fund management company registered in the British Virgin Islands. We use commercial means to operate and develop GLT Token, establish a complete GLT ecosystem, better serve our customers, and charge fees appropriately. For sustainable development.

Good Luck Token

Good Luck Token, Established an ideal belief value measurement tool that can solve the following key issues concerning human beliefs in a tit-for-tat manner:


Innovative stable asset-preserving currency. Asset management

tools that integrate faith services and the digital economy.


IN GOD WE TRUST,Every dollar is printed with this sentence. The currency is born with a certain belief. The most powerful currency in the world, the US dollar, is based on the belief of the Puritans who believe in God in the United States of America. Then, is there a kind of currency that can carry the beliefs of all people on this planet, let different cultures coexist peacefully, let different beliefs be able to help each other, let the value of each freedom be measured fairly, and let the blessings of the gods shine in the hearts of the people? Yes,Good Luck Token,I was born for this!



Faith activities are cost-effective. Whether you ask for a fragrant incense or a mass, people must pray for good luck in religious ceremonies, and they need enough consideration to win good luck. The amount of cash that a belief activity corresponds to is a universal demand.


I am afraid that the purpose of no faith is to make bad luck and sacrifice in order to exchange for blessings. It is an idea that people are extremely simple and even utilitarian. The exchange of cash value in faith activities is also a universal scene.

3. Storage

The ceremony is fleeting, the inconvenience of physical storage, and the digital carrier of faith is a rigid demand for the spiritual life of the future human society. It is a true digital gold mine.

4. Neutral

Good Luck/Bonne chance/Viel Glück/Καλή τύχη/がんばって/행운을 빌어/حظ سعيد/शुभकामनाएँ/好运/好運,No matter what kind of language, any kind of religious belief is consistent in the pursuit of good luck. Good Luck Token supports the combination and application of any kind of human faith, religious form, and material media.

5. Open

Developed using Ethereum, the ERT20 digital currency protocol standard, GLT is based on the world's most advanced, open and active digital currency technology platform standards.

6. Free

All of GLT's applications, mobile apps, and smart contracts are implemented by the project development team. Open source code is shared in the Github.com open source community, and operations are managed by the GLT Foundation, registered in the British Cayman Islands, for open and community management. In the future, it will be launched on the world's major digital currency exchanges for free use by all and free trade.

6. Fair

The GLT Foundation will publish information and statistics on all ecological environments, organizations and projects of GLT on the official website. The GLT Foundation conducts external audits on a regular basis, and all GLT holders can check the operation status through the Ethereum website.

Brand definition

Good Luck Token Brand meaning: Good Luck, good luck, fortune, lucky, meaning good wishes, come to each holder. Encourage people to use digital asset tools, use their own beliefs, and be blessed and prayed to themselves, others, and thus get a good return and share a happy and fulfilling experience.